Discussing Solutions for Textile Waste in Indonesia

Evermos hosted a transformative event in Bandung on November 29, 2023, uniting industry experts to champion circular economy principles and combat textile waste in Indonesia. Led by Marina Chahboune and Intan Anggita Pratiwie, the event inspired local fashion brands to embrace eco-friendly practices, catalyzing a movement for a responsible and eco-conscious future in the Indonesian textile industry.

Piloting Circularity in Humanitarian Aid: A Case Study Presentation

Discover the groundbreaking project results presented by Closed Loop Fashion at AidEx – The Global Humanitarian Aid Event in Geneva, Switzerland, showcasing our award-winning initiative in sustainable manufacturing and packaging of disaster relief blankets, and highlighting a remarkable 57% reduction in carbon footprint, marking a significant step towards circularity in the textile industry.

We won the Sustainable Initiative of the Year 2023 Award!

Closed Loop Fashion, in collaboration with project partners H. Nizam Din & Sons Private Limited and Alpinter SA, is thrilled to announce our achievement in securing the Sustainable Initiative of the Year 2023 Award by Development2030.